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Register your domain with us to benefit from free privacy protection and DNS management!

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DNS Management

Manage your domain easily via your account. Once logged-in select your domain to manage all aspects of it.

Easily manage:

  • Nameservers
  • Transfer lock
  • WHOIS information
  • Privacy protection

Privacy protection

Manage the privacy on your domain by purchasing privacy protection. This will replace your WHOIS data with dummy data.

Why use us for domains?

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Domain FAQs

How long will my order take?

As soon as you create your domain order it will be registered straight away.

Why should I choose Your Company?

We have been in business since 2009 and can be trusted to handle your domain registration.

Which domain TLD is best to register?

We recommend registering a .com if it's available. If not a .net domain is a good second option.