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3 Sure-Shot Ways to Decrease WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Rates

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Posted by on October 17, 2018 in | Comments

As any person using WooCommerce would corroborate, the abandoned cart rate on the e-commerce plug-in for WordPress is incredibly high. More than 60 to 80 percent people come in, stock items into the cart and then just leave without buying anything.

These aren’t good signs for any online retailer, which is why they should think of ways to change this trend. Here are some ideas you can implement to limit the abandonment of carts on your WordPress site:

Remind Users of Cart Items through Exit-Intent Pop-ups

Some online customers often forget that they have items stacked in the cart, while browsing through the categories. It’s common for visitors on your website to pick out items, thinking they’ll buy later, but end up forgetting and leaving. A reminder to them here will probably make the difference.

Thus, an exit-intent pop-up can do wonders here. Just have a pop-up show up, whenever your customer is about to leave. The pop-up will remind them of what they were about to buy, so that they can complete the purchase.

Make Cart Noticeable and Visible

How many times have you shopped online, and failed to locate the cart on the webpage? Poor website designs have a small icon for the cart, placed awkwardly somewhere on the page. Customers can’t locate it so just leave.

The correct position for your cart is the top left column, with a big enough pictorial to help users navigate and find it. Customers often forget about the cart, which is why a cleverly-placed pictorial, along with a numerical notification of the number of items in the cart works wonders.

Avoid Hidden Cost Surprises

One of the major reasons why customers often leave items untended inside a cart is because of hidden price surprises they come across when they go through the buying process. The items they bought displayed a lower price tag on the store, but showed a higher price when in the cart. On top of this there are shipping costs too. Your customer will most definitely close the window.

Cut down all surprise costs and make sure that there is no last minute dissonance for your customers.